Our trampolines are the best on the market from Rebound UK. We have top of the range AP systems in all 4 venues and also some disco lights.

No matter how far you are from your desired fitness level, we offer varied intensity movements to accommodate everyone. All classes in our venues are mixed ability classes. We have a few handles at every venue if you feel a little extra support is needed. Please note it is more beneficial  to not use a handle and this is why all trampolines don't have handles. 

Our online package we offer a variety of ability classes please see here for our online package.


Bounce2Resistance Class

Our newest class addition 'Bounce2Resistance'. Both myself and Krystle instruct this fabulous class, we absolutely love it ! Please have a read what the class involves. 


What is a Bounce2Resistance class? High intensity metabolic circuit with resistance bands. The challenging programme utilizes bands that clip onto your rebounder to enhance the effect of this full body muscle endurance cardio workout. Combing the resistance bands with squats, cardio rebounding, push ups, and multi joint exercises activates the body's metabolic system resulting in greater calories burned and a fitter leaner body. Tone your legs, buttocks, back, shoulders, arms and core all during a 45-minute workout session. Yes, you can do rows shoulder presses and bicep curls while you are strengthening your quads, hamstrings and calves. This class is very much a 2 in 1 class as you are boucning2beats and then some songs you are incorporating the bands. 


Bounce2Resistance class timetable 

Littleover Saturday 9.30am

Borrowash Timetable

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