Our trampolines are the best on the market from Rebound UK. We have top of the range AP systems in all 4 venues and also some disco lights.

No matter how far you are from your desired fitness level, we offer varied intensity movements to accommodate everyone. All classes in our venues are mixed ability classes. We have a few handles at every venue if you feel a little extra support is needed. Please note it is more beneficial  to not use a handle and this is why all trampolines don't have handles. 

Our online package we offer a variety of ability classes please see here for our online package.


Coming soon

We are soon introducing a Bounce2Resistance class. This class again is mixed ability its exactly the same as Bounce2Beats class however resistance bands are incorporated into some of the songs. Krystle will show options to make the class easier and harder. Resistance bands tone head to toe. 

  • Littleover Launch - 21st August 9:30am

  • Shelton Lock Launch - 19th August 8pm

Borrowash Timetable

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