Virtual Classes

Let us bring our classes to you in the comfort of your own home. We record classes in our venues and then they are showcased on a professional platform in a portfolio. You have 24/7 access to this portfolio. You will never miss a class in the venues again. Our class recordings are either mixed ability or advanced depending on what the class requests on the day, so you can choose which ability class you do at home. We also have some mini classes (25 mins) in our portfolio if you struggle to make a full class. The portfolio will grow to 40 recorded classes and are uploaded the morning after the class is recorded. Cant get NEWER classes than that. 


All for £17.50 for the month

Online Package

Our portfolio is fully loaded with 40 pre-recorded classes from the 1st of every month. We set challenges so motivation is high, our home team is loving life bouncing at home 

ONLY £17.50

for the month

Advanced Class

Add trampoline hire for only £10.

Class Styles Online

Gentle Class

Gentler than gentle Class

  • Beginner class

  • The class is instructed with the instructor on a trampoline with a handle.

  • No turns

  • No squats

  • No jumps

Gentle Class


  • Mixed ability class

  • Squats are optional

  • Less vigorous moves are used in comparison to the advanced class 

  • Variety of jumps are shown

  • Optional turns on the trampoline

Advanced Class

  • Squats included

  • A wider variety of jumps 

  • Faster paced choreography

  • Turns on the trampoline

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